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TH service counter - A lifeline for Malaysian pilgrims in Mecca

| 07 August, 2017
Lokman Mansor

Mon Aug 7, 2017 | 6:38am | MECCA

Tabung Haji’s Customer Service Counter located on the ground floor of Abraj Al-Janadriyah has been a hive of activity since it started operation on July 29, as the first point of contact for any queries from Malaysian haj pilgrims.

“The Service Centre is open 24 hours and we have staff on duty working in shifts. Our function is to manage feedback from the pilgrims, operate the hotline, handle complaints and we’re also the operations centre for the haj Patrol Unit,” Mecca Customer Service Centre manager Zor Mohd Poat said.

He said based on their records, as at August 4 the most complaints received were lost or damaged identification tags (143 cases), followed by lost luggage and bags (90 cases) and pilgrims who have lost their way (60 cases).

“For lost ID tags we can replace them with new ones. The tags are very important for our pilgrims as it is used for cash withdrawals and is their personal identification document during the haj,” Zor told Malaysian media here recently.

For lost luggage, Tabung Haji (TH) provides cash compensation if the luggage is not found within 48 hours. Lost sling bags can be replaced, he added.

Zor reminded pilgrims to always follow the advice and instructions given by TH on how to better care for their ID tags, sling bags and luggage.These include keeping the bags close by at all times, and having proper identification on their luggage.

Meanwhile, Malaysian pilgrim Mohamed Ismail Harun, 44, from Seremban said the TH staff were efficient in addressing his concerns.

“I wanted to go to the clinic for treatment. When I asked other pilgrims I got different answers, so I went to the Customer Service Counter and they immediately showed me the right location.

“I also had a query about whether it was alright for me to wear slippers while performing sa’ie (one of the mandatory rituals for umrah). Thankfully, I got my answer,” he said when met at the Customer Service Counter.

Another pilgrim, 63-year-old Rahillah Hussin from Batu Pahat, Johor, came to the counter after the taxi she hired sent her to the wrong place (Abraj Al-Janadriyah instead of Rehab Al-Janadriyah).

“I came to this service centre and the staff helped make arrangements to send me back to my proper maktab,” she said.

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