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Halal sector: France has the largest proportion of Muslims among the countries of the European Union. The country’s estimated 6 million Muslims (just under 10 percent of the country's population) spent around $11 billion on food & beverages in 2014, representing 6 percent of total F&B expenditure in the country. 55 percent, or $6 billion, of this total was spent on halal F&B.  

Three wholesalers supply the majority of the independent neighbourhood butchers and independent ethnic supermarkets: Sébiane, Douania and market leader Feder with over 1,000 small retailers as customers.

The leading halal sector brands include Isla Délice, Oriental Viandes, Réghalal, Isla Mondial, Medina,Saada, and Douania, all of which have established their brands locally.

Leading grocery retailer Carrefour and discount chain Casino are beginning to carry halal products, including introducing their own halal brands and competing with both traditional small retailers and halal food manufacturers.

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France does not have a centralised national-level halal certifier. 

The three major mosques of Paris, Evry and Lyon are the only bodies designated by the government to appoint competent halal slaughtermen and they have their own certification agencies. But any private agency can be set up to act as a certification body. Neither the mosque-affiliated or private agencies accept stunning.

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