Islamic Finance

4th Annual Islamic Finance Conference

The Annual Islamic Finance Conference (AIFC) is a Ministry of Finance annual event that brings together policy makers, economists, academics, and private sector to discuss various key Islamic finance, economic and development issues particularly for Indonesia. The purpose of AIFC is to discuss and exchange new ideas and information among experts and relevant stakeholders. Previously, AIFC was held in Jakarta in 2016, Yogyakarta in 2017, and Makassar in 2018. This year, AIFC would raise an interesting topic that has already became a global interest: impact investing. The topic is also in line with the Government's concern to determine the impact of investment incurred on social, finance, and environment. This conference is also held in conjuction with a call for paper event that is aimed to gather high quality papers, which are expected to become references for academia and policy makers, particularly in the field of economy and Islamic finance.

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