GIESeries: Innovation in Global Islamic Economy (Series 1)

Global Islamic Economy Series or GIESeries is a sequence of networking event which will enable all types of people and communities come together for various synergies. We have created #GIESeries from the ground up as an attempt for global sharing sessions and bringing online-to-offline (O2O) and offline-to-online community collaboration to help audience get to know the humans behind the Islamic Economy in real life, and help the world understand GIE in authentic ways. 'GIESeries: Innovation in Global Islamic Economy' is a panel discussion to be held in Singapore and moderated by Emmy Alim, Editor of the most popular Islamic Economy Portal Salaam Gateway by Refinitive (former Financial & Risk business of Thomson Reuters). Prominent panellists include Fazal Bahardeen, the CEO of CrescentRating and Halal Trip, Fateh Ali, Co-founder & CEO of CollabDeen, a social technology platform for Muslim communities, and Aziz Zainuddin, Founder, Master the Crypto are among the speakers for the first series focused on Innovation in Global Islamic Economy.

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