Islamic Finance

Islamic Digital Economy 2019

This year, Elmangos will co-locate and combine the two main flagship events of the Global Islamic Economy Convention (GIEC, now rebranded as IDEX) and the annual Global Islamic Fintech Summit (GIFS) into one mega event with an expected audience of more than 900. This will be the ultimate event to engage the Muslims of the modern age: The Global Islamic Fintech Summit featuring the Islamic Digital Economy Experience (IDEX) 2019. GIFS is a unique event that brings all things Islamic Fintech to the forefront with the best speakers and the most up to date information. Topics covered will address how Islamic fintech is providing new financial solutions to the millennials and the unbanked globally and how the regulatory environment is adapting to create a safe environment for investors. GIFS is also a platform that showcases upcoming and innovative fintech players that are creating the new face of Islamic finance. The growth and relevance of the industry demands that stakeholders and entrepreneurs alike must stay up to date on the changes, and GIFS is where it happens! IDEX is the premier event that looks at the trends of entreprenuership in the Muslim World and addresses topics of what’s next and what needs to be known to take full advantage of the opportunities in the global Islamic Economy and the young and developing Islamic digital economy. Topics included are: Halal Food, Modest fashion, Halal Travel, Education and more. What makes IDEX unique is exploring how all these branches of the Islamic economy are going digital and will become the foundation of the Islamic Digital Economy.

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