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Indices Market Performance

IndexLast Trade% ChangeTotal VolumeDate/Time
IndexThomson Reuters/IdealRatings Islamic ASEAN 6 Index Last Trade185.48% Change0.31Total Volume - Date/Time15 May 2019 07:37
IndexThomson Reuters/IdealRatings Islamic BRIC Index Last Trade142.2% Change0.26Total Volume - Date/Time15 May 2019 07:37
IndexThomson Reuters/IdealRatings Islamic Egypt Index Last Trade176.64% Change0.22Total Volume - Date/Time14 May 2019 20:21
IndexThomson Reuters/IdealRatings Islamic GCC Index Last Trade130.95% Change1.58Total Volume - Date/Time14 May 2019 18:42
IndexThomson Reuters/IdealRatings Islamic Global Index Last Trade225.19% Change0.11Total Volume - Date/Time15 May 2019 07:38


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