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Islamic Fashion and Design Council launches Milan Fashion Week Modest Soiree for modest fashion designers

| 29 August, 2018

Milan, Italy. 29 August, 2018 - Islamic Fashion & Design Council’s (IFDC) is pleased to announce that it will be hosting Milan Fashion Week Modest Soiree, in conjunction with   Milan Fashion Week on 24 September 2018.    

This exclusive event is held solely to showcase Modest Fashion in the city with the greatest fashion appetite.  The IFDC Award winners from Torino Fashion Week 2018 will be the main attraction of this event. These winning designers are Bow Boutique (Saudi Arabia), Al Nisa Designs (USA), Chantique (Brunei) and another made-in-Italy modest brand, Luya Moda. This event is produced by IFDC and its strategic partner, Milano Fashion Library (MFL).

IFDC formed strategic partnership with MFL, a consulting, publishing and advertising company that operates within the largest fashion library in Europe. MFL served on the jury for the IFDC Awards at Torino Fashion Week 2018. This prestigious fashion organization is situated in the Milano Fashion Apartment in the Tortona area in Milan, which is known for hosting a number of prestigious fashion and design events throughout the year. This iconic venue is key to catapulting any designer’s career to the next level.

Milan Fashion Week (MFW) is arguably the key platform that has proven to be a significant entry in the global fashion calendar, organized by the leading council Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana. IFDC's Milan Fashion Week Modest Soiree is planned to give modest fashion designers an important association with the high profile Milan Fashion. With an invitation only guest list the introduction of outstanding modest fashion brands from all over the world will be a key step for the modest fashion industry. Milan is awarded as a refined example of the perfect union between creativity and organization and its fashion week has two annual editions: September/October (spring-summer collections) and February/March (fall-winter collection) which represent the most important meeting between the prêt-à-porter and market operators.

Italy is currently the fourth largest Muslim population in Europe which is key to the modest fashion demand. We also see a strong secondary demand for modest fashion among the Catholics, Jewish, and the general mainstream population, making this category of fashion particularly important in this region. Milan has proven to be an influential fashion capital of the world bringing vast opportunities for industry players worldwide. IFDC will continue to promote promising talent in this global arena while also discovering new creative and innovative talents that are equally good potentials for the global modest fashion market. This new IFDC initiative is designed to elevate the visibility of modest fashion brands and bring a new awareness of leading designers in this space.   

Milan Fashion Week Modest Soiree will be held at the prestigious Milano Fashion Library venue on 24 September 2018, from 6pm onwards. Contact for further information.