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New social media app with Islamic values launches globally

| 29 August, 2019

Global launch. Exciting and unique new social media platform Labayk has launched with over 5200 sign ups already. Labayk is a socially good platform, which offers a more authentic user-friendly experience. Available to everyone, Labayk combines good Islamic values, and the need for a more socially impactful and truthful platform.


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Labayk, meaning ‘at your service’, is a new social media platform, helping people to make better connections and providing a safer, more fulfilling online experience. Labayk is about building communities, not followers.


The new platform will not use targeted or aggressive advertising or sell data to third parties. Instead, Labayk will donate at least 50% of profits to charities that have been chosen by its users.


Labayk is free to sign up, and offers everything you need from a social media platform including status updates, direct messaging, stories, photo sharing and uploads. However, users won’t be subject to harmful or inappropriate content, aggressive advertising or extremist views. Anyone found trolling, abusing other users or using and spreading hate speech will be instantly removed.


Developed by tech entrepreneur and investment banker Tanweer Khan, the app provides a safe environment for both Muslim and non-Muslim users. Tanweer believes that social media wasn’t designed for such negative purposes, and that people should be able to enjoy their time online. With an increased interest in sign-ups already, Labayk is showing a need for something new, responsive and innovative in the social arena.


“Over time, I was becoming increasingly frustrated at the way social media networks have become vehicles for abuse, trolling and bullying. Social media platforms are constantly being called out over their response to this, and it’s becoming harder and harder to control. Social media networks have the power to do good and make the world a better place for everyone, both online and offline. However, the culture on most of these networks is driven by profits, allowing bots to shape people’s decisions and opinions. I wanted to create a platform where people can connect and effectively communicate with others, with similar values, in a safe and non-threatening environment.” - Tanweer Khan, Founder of Labayk


Key benefits on the app include

  • Help charitable causes that are close to your heart
  • The ability to build your profile and connect and build genuine


  • Your data is safe and protected, and won’t be sold to third parties
  •  Inappropriate content, fake news and harmful content is not allowed.
  • Anyone posting will be instantly removed from the platform, along with the


  • Help to learn more about Islamic values, in a real time setting from real



“This isn’t a Muslim only platform, it is open for everyone. However, Labayk shares and is built on true Islamic values of peace, respect, kindness, truth and sincerity. And this is what I wanted the platform to be. Hatred and aggressive advertising have been replaced with giving, charitable causes, great communication and safety. And it’s free, and always will be.” Tanweer concludes.


To sign up to this exciting new platform, or to find out more information via FAQ’s, please visit




Editors Notes

Tanweer Khan biography

Tanweer has spent his entire working career in financial markets, in the UK and Singapore. He worked his way up from a cashier to the global head of a trading desk at a FTSE 100 bank.

Tanweer is also a photography enthusiast and has travelled to over 35 countries photographing and documenting his experiences.

He is currently undertaking a master’s degree at the University of Cambridge.