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The UAE National Accreditation System Receives International Recognition

| 01 July, 2019

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates - 30 June 2019:

The Emirates National Accreditation System (ENAS), in the Emirates Authority for Standardisation and Metrology (ESMA), has received international recognition from ILAC. All certificates of accreditation issued by the UAE National Accreditation System for testing laboratories and calibration laboratories in the UAE are recognized worldwide. Thus becoming the UAE and a reliable regional destination to provide accreditation services.

The UAE National Accreditation System for the Multilateral International Recognition System follows the approval of the resolution at the 75th APAC General Assembly Meeting held in Singapore in mid-June and announced as one of the first regional Accreditation obtained international recognition in accordance with the latest requirements of ISO / IEC 17011 of 2017 and the first in the Arab region.

The recognition of the UAE national accreditation system has an immediate positive impact on the various sectors concerned with the implementation of quality standards in the country by accepting the results of the examination and calibration activities based on the national accreditation and recognition.

Will have a significant impact on the industrial and commercial sectors of the country, as well as the removal of technical barriers for exporters abroad, and give greater confidence to national regulators, especially on human health, safety and the environment.

Quality infrastructure

"The national accreditation system of the UAE, which has been and continues to work in the public interest, is one of the most important elements of the national quality infrastructure system," said HE Abdulla Abdul Qader Al Maeeni, Director General of the Emirates Authority for Standardisation and Metrology (ESMA).

The United Arab Emirates, by providing reliable and accurate matching assessment services in the health, environment, safety, defense and other sectors. He said.

He pointed out that the UAE's national accreditation system is in line with international recognition, along with the objectives of the National Agenda and Government Vision 2021, in supporting the transition to a knowledge-based economy, promoting high value added sectors, developing the business environment and enhancing the attractiveness of the UAE.

"UAE 2071" in terms of enhancing the country's reputation and raising the level of productivity in the national economy through the adoption of best practices and expertise, and the development of economic sectors. He confirmed.

The international recognition of the national accreditation system of the UAE confirms the concepts of accuracy and integrity that characterize our procedures. Al Maeeni Said.

The UAE National Accreditation System also provides services to regional conformity officers from regional countries in accordance with the requirements of customers in these countries. And in accordance with the many MOU’s and cooperation concluded in this regard.

The international recognition sends a very positive regional and international message to a unique Emirati model, driven by a clear government vision, aligned with ESMA strategy of 2017-2021, as a global leader in building confidence in products and quality systems, enhancing the national economy, and develops national capacities. He said.

Positive impact

Dr. Rehab Faraj Al Ameri, Director of the National Accreditation Department at ESMA, confirmed that the accreditation gives confidence in the efficiency of the conformity assessment system, reduces risk ratios and increases the competitiveness of products and services, especially in their ability to access international markets.

This undoubtedly has a positive impact for the improvement of the UAE national economy, as well as monitoring and lowering the cost of products for export or import from abroad, and facilitates the international recognition of UAE conformity certificates worldwide. She added.

Al Ameri said at a press conference held in Abu Dhabi to announce the recognition of the UAE's National Accreditation System (ENAS) in conformity assessment in the inspection and calibration sectors as one of the first accreditation bodies in the Arab region according to the requirements of the latest international standards ISO / IEC 17011: 2017, which came about 13 years after the issuance since 2004.

National benefit

The UAE economy is expected to benefit from this international recognition, which will benefit the UAE by strengthening its capacity to provide accreditation services in some Arab and regional countries.

It is also easy to recognize national-level examination and calibration reports, saving time, effort and money. She confirmed.

Al Ameri affirmed that the UAE has a high-quality national system, through which we confirm the efficiency and capacity of our conformity assessment bodies to provide reliability in reports and certificates of conformity to our national institutions, reduce potential risks and increase national competitiveness of products and services.

This will facilitate the unhindered access of our products and services to international markets, which will positively affect the national economy, reduce the cost of importing and exporting products, and ensure international recognition of conformity certificates worldwide.