Report: State of the Global Islamic Economy 2018/19

28 October, 2018 | Industry Report
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Report: State of the Global Islamic Economy 2018/19


DescriptionThe State of the Global Islamic Economy Report is developed by Thomson Reuters in collaboration with DinarStandard and supported by the Dubai Capital of Islamic Economy. This groundbreaking report defines and provides a comprehensive view of the Islamic economy as well as its future potential to facilitate investments and industry growth.
Executive SummaryWith 1.8 billion Muslims, and Muslim spend estimated at $2.1 trillion in 2017, the Islamic Economy continues its steady growth. But there is significant scope for growth and maturity in the Islamic Economy, with a mere $0.8 billion in disclosed private equity investments over three years, far less than the almost $600 billion in private equity and venture capital investments that occurred globally in 2017. This report estimates that global Muslim spend across lifestyle sectors was US$2.1 trillion in 2017, while the Islamic finance sector has US$2.4 trillion in total assets. Food and beverage leads Muslim spend by category at US$1.3 trillion, followed by clothing and apparel at US$270 billion, media and entertainment at US$209 billion, travel at US$177 billion, and spending on pharmaceuticals and cosmetics at US$87 billion and US$61 billion respectively.