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Antecedents of customers’ intention to support Islamic social enterprises in Indonesia

Sri Rahayu Hijrah Hati | 10 May, 2017 | Academic Research Paper
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DescriptionThis paper focuses on discussing the extrinsic factors such as age, education, gender, marital status and income on customers’ intention to support Islamic social enterprises through charitable activities and donation. It also links the influence of religiosity, socioeconomic status and organizational credibility to the support intention (SI) which is a dependent variable of the study
Executive SummaryThis papers starts by providing an extensive literature review that also contributed towards the development of the research hypothesis. Such literature review covers the relationships among organizational credibility, religiosity, socioeconomic status and consumer psychology in social entrepreneurship. Additionally, it dedicates a section to explain the methodology implemented, sources of the data samples, statistical analysis and the various marketing elements covered such as advertising, brand, and advertising stimuli. It finally concludes by demonstrating the results of the study, analyzing key data elements and listing the research limitations encountered
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Story Time 10 May, 2017