Islamic Finance 

Codebase Technologies Supports Sustainable Banking at GIFF 2018

| 05 October, 2018

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; October 4, 2018 - Codebase Technologies supports Bank Negara Malaysia’s initiative in making value-based intermediation a driving force for Islamic finance to deliver the right social impact and enable financial institutions to look beyond profitability as part of their core delivery framework through the development of innovative digital technology platforms.

Codebase Technologies, a leading technology provider based out of Dubai, UAE, showcased one of its key solutions, the Artificial Intelligence based customer onboarding module that aims to digitize and delight the customer onboarding experience with its intuitive Chatbot "Sophia". The module is designed to be system agnostic and can sit atopof any bank system and provide any required banking service with it's "human-like" conversational style.

Digibanc Identity’s has successfully been deployed for a large-scale regional bank in the GCC providing them with robust regulatory compliance and increased customer satisfaction. With Digibanc Identity, organizations can now lower their customer acquisition costs, operating expenditures, onboarding times, and physical location footfalls from 40% – 70%.

Codebase Technologies’ digital identity and customer onboarding module utilize the innovative machine learning forensics and smart document analysis augmentations to create Digibanc Identity. Together with a leading global Identity solutions provider Acuant USA, Codebase aim to offer a strong customer focused solution to industries who are heavily focused on their customers and are looking to provide deeper and more engaged customer experience.