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Domestic Moslem Tourist Towards Consuming Halal Food in Indonesia

Dr. Sapta Nirwandar | 06 March, 2019 | Country Region Report
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DescriptionThis document sheds the light on the legitimacy of the Halal food and beverage circulation within Indonesia, raising the issue of Halal products protection and guarantee. This research uses the approach mixed of method to better understand the combination between quantitative and qualitative approach which will ultimately produce a number of recommendations as an effort of improvement to plan for the development of behavior of Muslims in consuming Halal products
Executive SummaryThis document starts by providing a general overview and information on the Indonesian Halal industry. It then elaborates on the bases of the theory whereby it goes through the elements that form the attitude concept which includes cognitive, emotional and behavioral elements. Furthermore, it discusses the consumer behavior towards Halal products in the Indonesian market. It also states the methodology implemented and discloses the sample population and finally concludes by elaborating on the results and going over each element of the framework of the research