Islamic Finance 

Equity-Based Islamic Finance: A Product Development Perspective

International Islamic Finance & Insurance Institute (IIFII) | 25 February, 2018 | Industry Report
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DescriptionThis document elaborates on the equity based Islamic finance products. It sheds the light on Islamic finance industry and dedicates a section to discuss in details the products development in Islamic banks
Executive SummaryThe document explores and designs mechanisms to shift the focus of Islamic banking and finance practitioners from debt-based modes to equity-based modes. This will bring a greater degree of Sharia compliance in Islamic finance products and it should enhance the stakeholder perceptions regarding Islamic finance paradigm. This document starts by introducing the readers to the history of Islamic finance system as well as the performance of Islamic finance industry. It further discusses whether the Islamic banking and finance paradigm failed to reach its full potential. In addition, it analyzes various products offered by Islamic banks. The document finally provides details with regards to the products development in Islamic banking and financial institutions