Islamic Finance 

FICE (First Islamic Crypto Exchange), a new project by Adab Solution

| 22 April, 2019

Dubai, UAE- April 22th, 2019

Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) is a new way of attracting funds for crypto projects, where previously they sold their tokens through ICO. Nowadays, the ICO market has ceased to exist, giving the way for IEO.

The IEO appeared for the first time in January 2019 and turned into a new industry. Virtually all major exchanges started launching their platforms for the IEO, and Adab Solutions, which is a group of companies conducting the world's first IEO on several crypto exchanges simultaneously.

Mr. Timur Turzhan, Founder of Adab Solution, the First Islamic Crypto Exchange, declared that Adab Solutions presents a unique project of the FICE (First Islamic Crypto Exchange), which will fully comply with the requirements of Islam for the crypto investments for Muslims, and will be suitable for all people.

Turzhan announced that the FICE will become a platform where traders from all over the world will be able to show their professionalism and, with the help of the unique rating system based on the blockchain (TRUST), will be able not only to trade, but also enable thousands of other users to connect to their trading signals and receive good rewards from each user connected, earn on their trading activity and trade without commissions, adding: “The FICE is a great opportunity for a trader to find investors in the wealthy countries such as Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait and many other countries”.

FICE appointed Mr.Sulaiman Al-Fahim, as Primary Advisor and Partner to FICE, powered by ADAB. The potential of cryptocurrency to benefit thoughtful investors in the Islamic world is just the most recent endeavor in a career spent focused on the future.

The FICE Exchange will have unique interfaces for convenient and fast trading; provide useful functions for traders to make their work easier and comfortable. A special service will be provided for quick exchange and purchase, meanwhile Adab is a project which develops the crypto market who needs new users and investments, and Islamic countries are a great opportunity to find a new foothold, since Islamic finance is growing at 12% per year and amounts to almost $ 3 trillion, and the population of Muslims is over 1.8 billion people.

MrTurzhan describes Adab as a project with a great potential, since the more new users join the crypto market, the more investment and demand is for crypto currency, which directly affects the rise in the value of crypto assets and the total market capitalization.