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Halal Marketing

Muhammad Ashraf Ali Farooqui | 22 January, 2018 | Academic Research Paper
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DescriptionThis paper focuses on marketing for the purpose of creating consumer awareness and gaining competitive advantages, specifically focusing on how Halal marketing was developed in accordance to Islamic principles and Shariah laws. To add, it provides guidelines on how businesses should be promoted according to the Islamic code of conduct and ethics
Executive SummaryThis paper aims to evaluate the overall concept of Islamic marketing and its validity. It elaborates on the existing conventional modes of marketing that are incorporated into Islamic marketing, which is confined with the Shariah principles. It then moves on to shed the light on the ethical and moral principles that can also be considered while marketing, promoting, trading and conducting business deals. After that, it focuses on practicalities of Halal marketing where it explores the practical situation by applying the discussed ideas and compiling the pros and cons of the processes and challenges encountered