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How far is Malaysia from its target of 50 pct beef self-sufficiency?

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Malaysia is largely self-sufficient in poultry meat and eggs but the nation has to import most of its beef, lamb and mutton.

In 2015 the country set a target of 50 percent self-sufficiency in beef by 2020 under its 11th Malaysia Plan for the period 2016-2020. This was an upward revision from the lower 32.7 percent target by 2020 set in 2011 as part of the National Agrofood Policy.


However, three years away from 2020 and the 50 percent target, self-sufficiency ratios for beef have dropped, from holding steady at 27.8 percent in 2013 and 2014 to 24 percent in 2015, according to most recent available data from Malaysia’s Ministry of Domestic Trade, Cooperatives and Consumerism.

While self-sufficiency ratios for the year 2016 are not yet available from Malaysia’s official government sources, ITC Trade Map data shows a 10.8 percent drop in the value of Malaysia’s bovine meat imports to $492,418 from $552,011 in 2015.

Malaysia imports around half a million dollars’ worth of fresh, chilled or frozen meat of bovine animals annually, according to ITC Trade Map data based on United Nations Commodity Trade Statistics Database (UN Comtrade). 

Around 80 percent of the nation’s beef imports in 2016 came from India, all of which was buffalo meat.

Malaysia's efforts and initiatives to increase cattle production come under the country’s Economic Transformation Programme (EPP) launched in 2010. Beef self-sufficiency is addressed by three main programmes: EPP 5: Cattle Integration in oil palm estates; EPP 12: Expansion of cattle in feedlots and; EPP 16: Overseas acquisition/joint venture of cattle farms to establish a fully integrated livestock value chain.

In September this year, agro-based industry minister Ahmad Shabery Cheek told local press it was cheaper for Malaysia to import beef instead of breeding cows for meat consumption.


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How far is Malaysia from its target of 50 pct beef self-sufficiency?