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Inspection Procedures in Halal Food Certification

Muhammad Ashraf Ali Farooqui | 22 January, 2018 | Industry Report
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DescriptionThis paper specifically aims at providing a reliable Halal certification and inspection process workflow including all the steps and procedures. It also emphasizes the significance of implementing the right audit methodology and elaborates on the stages included
Executive SummaryThis paper focuses on Halal auditing techniques certification process including application, receiving of signed contract, ingredients list, ingredient inquiry, consultation, internal auditing, site review, process review, documents review, Halal control verification, approval from the Sharia board and finally issuance of certificate. Furthermore, it explains the right way for the usage of auditing methodologies and competency of Halal food auditors. It aims to provide readers with the appropriate certification processes and audit methodologies which can be used to ascertain and ensure Halal food production. The audit methodology displayed mainly focuses on the selection of audit team, collecting objective evidences, conformities and finally decision on certification