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Report: State of the Global Islamic Economy 2017/18

27 November, 2017 | Industry Report
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Report: State of the Global Islamic Economy 2017/18


DescriptionThis is the fifth in the annual series of reports covering the global Islamic Economy.
Executive SummaryThe Islamic Economy is at the cusp of major growth and widespread recognition, having gained traction as Muslims assert their religiosity and traditional values. Awareness about the concept of Halal is on the rise, and companies are responding to these consumer needs, be it for products or services. The State of the Global Islamic Economy Report 2017/18 brings you the latest developments and trends from this economy while also highlighting the future direction of this sector.

What Is In The Report?

1. Interviews with key market players, and industry stakeholders expressing their views about current challenges and potential opportunities

2. Provides the global landscape of the Islamic economy and highlights the key development and trends

3. Measures the gaps and opportunities in the market and provides global Islamic economy sector value profile for Muslim consumers


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