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Robo-Advice in Islamic Finance

Maria Todorof | 27 March, 2019 | Industry Report
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DescriptionThis paper will discuss the compatibility between Islamic Finance (IF) and FinTech, whereby it focuses on how IF is utilizing new financial technologies in order to become more inclusive and even more resilient in the current financial climates
Executive SummaryThis paper discusses how applicable Robo Advice (RA) is for the Islamic market, while also providing details on how IF and RA fit together. It starts by providing a brief on most pertinent points of IF and the context within which it operates. Upon reviewing this, the paper will make the reader familiar with the main features of RA and how it relates to finance. The main focus of the paper will be on the permissibility of RA in IF and the degree of its implementation to date. It then concludes that RA has become a part of IF and for good reasons, which will be looked at in more detail in the paper