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Trends of Islamic fashion and Clothing Practices amongst Young Muslim Female in Bangladesh

Mohsina Fatema | 11 April, 2018 | Academic Research Paper
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DescriptionThis paper discusses the recent trends of Islamic fashion and clothing practices of young Muslim female in Bangladesh. A semi-structured questionnaire was used for conducting in-depth interview to identify and answer important questions such as whether Hijab is considered as fashion of clothing or granted for modesty
Executive SummaryThis paper elaborates on the trends of wearing Islamic dresses in Bangladesh, a Muslim major country. It starts off by introducing the readers to the Islamic clothing. Then it moves on to discuss in details the clothing practices of young Muslim female in recent days, highlighting the recent trend toward Islamic clothing. It also answers an important question about the Hijab being worn for modesty or is it a fashion. This paper further finds out the reasons why Muslim women being attracted towards specific kinds of fashion and clothing. In the end, the author sheds the light on her recommendation and summarizes some important points that have been discussed in the report