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Ummah - A New Muslim Marketplace for Buying and Selling Merchandise the Halal Way

| 08 August, 2019

Introducing Ummah, quite simply the most innovative marketplace ever created exclusively for our Brothers and Sisters!

Here you can share, buy, and connect and feel blessed that you are following the halal way in everything you do!

Ummah is the #1 Mobile Marketplace for Muslims because it is built by Muslims for Muslims.  Since our team are all Muslims, it was tough because there wasn’t a single mobile platform for our Brothers and Sisters to buy and sell the halal way and we hated that.

So we decided to spend time researching and testing what we needed to do and here we are with the fantastic outcome!  This is version one of the Muslim mobile market place!

When you want to shop and buy something, you want to make sure that it represents the halal way, so we created a single platform for you. This is your all-in-one place at your fingertips.

What makes Ummah unique apart from being developed by Muslims for Muslims is:

- United in Halal Forever and In Everything We Do
- Buy & Sell Halal
- One Ummah - One App
- Ad-Free with Muslim Content
- Everyday Muslim Needs for Trade or Sale
- Halal content from Quran, halal cards, quotes and more

We consider Ummah revolutionary and unique and we would like you to join us in this historic movement. In living the concepts of halal, all product listings will be checked by Brothers, not bots, to make sure everything is complete and comprehensive, without gimmicks. That’s our promise to you.

Ummah:  Made in London for our Brothers and Sisters across the world!  Check it out now! More visitors, more connections!  We want everyone to visit, and we know you’ll keep coming back!

Official Website: Ummah

App Store Download Link: Ummah

Google Play Download Link: Ummah