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Brazil poultry exports to KSA, UAE down in September - ABPA

Brazil sold a lot less chicken meat to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates in September compared to the same month last year.

Saudi Arabia bought 35,000 tonnes of chicken meat for $56 million in September, down 26 per cent in volume and 28 per cent in value, according to the Brazilian Animal Protein Association (ABPA) on October 4.

UAE bought 21,600 tonnes for $33.9 million, down nine per cent in volume and eight per cent in value versus September 2018.

Saudi Arabia and UAE were the third and fourth biggest buyers of Brazilian chicken meat, respectively, Only China and Japan bought more from Brazil.

However, while sales to the biggest Gulf states dropped, Brazil’s chicken meat exporters sold a lot more to Egypt and Bahrain.

Egypt bought 4,600 tonnes for $6.1 million, an increase of 83 per cent in volume and 95 per cent in revenue for Brazil.

Bahrain imported 2,600 tonnes for $1.8 million, representing a rise of 79 per cent in volume and 85 per cent in value.

Overall, Brazil’s chicken meat exports increased 5.7 per cent for the first nine months of 2019 compared to the same period last year.

The country sold $5.163 billion of chicken meat to the world, compared to $4.85 billion between January and September last year, said ABPA.

The volume of chicken meat exported rose 0.7 per cent to reach 3.081 million tons, from 3.059 million tons, said the industry body.

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