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Close to 1 mln pilgrims performed umrah over Eid al Fitr – Saudi ministry

901,933 pilgrims remained in Saudi Arabia through Jun 6, two days after Eid al Fitr was celebrated in the kingdom.

The Saudi ministry of hajj and umrah issued 7,626,161 umrah visas since the start of the hijri year 1440 that corresponded with Sep 11, 2018, until the third day of Shawwal, or Jun 6, reported state news agency SPA.

Around 96 percent, or 7,307,356 pilgrims have already performed their umrah.

Pakistanis made up the biggest group of umrah pilgrims, at 1,626,080, followed by 950,748 Indonesians, 645,256 Indians, 538,940 Egyptians and 365,599 Algerians.

The Saudi government’s goal is to attract 30 million umrah pilgrims by 2030. 6.5 million pilgrims travelled to Saudi Arabia for umrah in 2017.

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