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Dates for Ramadan: Who are the biggest exporters?

Dates for Ramadan: Who are the biggest exporters?

There is an Islamic tradition that says the Prophet Mohammed would break his fast with dates. That tradition is still followed by Muslims around the world today, especially during the holy month of Ramadan. 

Where do your dates come from? 

Top five exporters: Middle Eastern countries are the biggest exporters of dates, with Tunisia ($250.94 million), Saudi Arabia ($182.38 million), Israel ($152.49 million) and Iran ($124.56 million) the top sellers in 2017, according to data from the ITC Trade Map based on United Nations Commodity Trade Statistics Database (UN Comtrade). Neighbouring Pakistan is the fifth largest exporter. 

Fifth to Tenth biggest exporters: The United Arab Emirates ($93.79 million) was sixth largest exporter of dates to the world, followed by the United States ($58.3 million), Algeria ($52.34 million), Iraq ($43.07 million), and France ($41.03 million).





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