Halal Industry

Global accreditation bodies and ISO seeking industry feedback on remote audits

Three global accreditation and standards bodies are seeking industry feedback on remote audits, assessments and evaluations.

“COVID-19 restrictions have seen a significant increase in the use of remote techniques for auditing and assessing providers of conformity assessment activities as well as evaluating the accreditation bodies that provide these services,” said the International Accreditation Forum, the International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation and the International Organisation for Standardisation.

The three global bodies have designed a survey to get industry feedback.

National accreditation bodies actively involved in halal activities, such as those representing Indonesia, Malaysia and the six countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council, are signatories to the ILAC Mutual Recognition Agreement and members of the IAF.

The survey seeks input from the perspective of organisations carrying out auditing/assessing or evaluation activities, those subject to the activity, and also those reliant on the outcome of these activities.

The survey can be accessed here. The final date for submission is August 8.

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