Photo: Sapta Nirwandar, chairperson of IHLC, announcing Etokohalal at the Indonesia Sharia Economic Festival on November 14, 2019 at Jakarta Convention Centre. SALAAM GATEWAY/Emmy Abdul Alim

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Halal-only e-commerce on the rise in Indonesia as new platform Etokohalal aims for March launch

JAKARTA – The momentum for halal-only e-commerce is picking up in Indonesia.

After the launch of e-commerce giant Tokopedia’s dedicated Islamic marketplace in early November, consultancy group Indonesia Halal Lifestyle Center (IHLC) announced on Thursday (Nov 14) its own new platform.

Etokohalal will be launched in March 2020 at the earliest, Duddy Utama, its CEO told Salaam Gateway.

IHLC is currently working towards March with more than 100 sellers across halal food and beverages, modest fashion, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, and travel and tourism, said Duddy.

The marketplace will use only Shariah-compliant payment methods.

It is partnering with small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) previously working with BEKRAF, the former creative economy agency, as well as charity body Dompet Dhuafa, and Islamic financial institutions BNI Syariah and CIMB Niaga Syariah.  

"Currently we have hundreds of stands by producers but we want to curate them,” said Duddy.

“We want more unique products to differ us from competitors that in general only become shop windows selling the same or common products or categories,” he added.

Etokohalal will focus on three strategies to compete in the market: ensuring better product quality, better packaging, and better pricing. 

It is currently bootstrapped and funded by IHLC but it is keen to receive funding from investors, Duddy said at the soft launch of the platform at the 6th Indonesia Sharia Economic Festival in Jakarta.

Duddy said IHLC sees a “high potential” for Etokohalal to succeed.

"We want at least 50% of Indonesians to use etokohalal every day, or about 100 million people. 100 million items or products will be sold through Etokohalal every day, that’s our dream," he said.

(Reporting by Yosi Winosa; Editing by Emmy Abdul Alim


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