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Indonesian online halal marketplace sees surge in vendors

Indonesian’s halal-only e-commerce site Lazada Amanah is gaining attention from halal product vendors, with numbers up by 50% since its launch in April.


Jakarta – Lazada Amanah provides a platform for a wide range of Muslim equipment manufacturers, including clothing, accessories, health, beauty products, food and beverages.The e-commerce site says it carries out strict curation to ensure that every product is of quality and trustworthy.

The platform also provides Indonesia's MUI halal certification checking feature that is integrated with the MUI website for products available on the channel.

“We can’t share the data of the number of our sellers and buyers at the moment, but we will always be a place for Indonesian Muslims to shop and sell,” Athina Tokan, senior category manager women’s shoes and clothing, Lazada Indonesia, told Salaam Gateway.

Currently, "rectangular hijabs and robes are the most sold products within the channel,” she said.

Selviana Yuswanto, owner of the Mybamus brand that is sold on the Lazada Amanah channel, told Salaam Gateway that the platform helped her business to grow since he joined Lazada in 2018, the parent site of Lazada Amanah. 

“I created my brand in 2011 with the first collection tie-dye, then accessories or modest wear such as long tunics and pashminas. I sold my collections through social media before joining Lazada in 2018. She said the site provides analytical tools related to sales of each product and has helped her in creating the right business strategy for her brand.

Yuswanto now has 150 employees and receives hundreds of orders every day. During the festival season, sales rise exponentially. During the last 11.11 sale, a popular date for sales in Indonesia, Mybamus recorded a surge in orders of more than 300% compared to normal trading.

She recently focused on providing casual clothes with comfortable materials so that they can be worn every day. In accordance with market demand, Mybamus also provides a choice of formal and luxury fashion when approaching holidays such as Lebaran.

“The existence of e-commerce platforms with special channels for Muslim needs such as Lazada Amanah increases our opportunities to expand the market with a network that reaches all Indonesians.,” Yuswanto added.

Lazada Amanah channel joins a number of other halal-only e-commerce sites in Indonesia. Tokopedia launched Tokopedia Salam in November 2019, Indonesia Halal Life center released Etokohalal in March 2020 and Blibli launched a dedicated category for halal products, Blibi Hasanah in April 2020. 


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