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INFOGRAPH-What are the different types of fintech?

INFOGRAPH-What are the different types of fintech?

When tech stakeholders and experts use the word “fintech,” they’re often guilty of overusing a buzzword. In reality, financial technology is not a sector unto itself but rather a term to describe a phenomenon taking place in many sectors.

When you think about it, anything involving the internet which facilitates or leads to a monetary transaction can be thought of as fintech. When a layperson asks, “What is fintech?” different people respond in different ways.

Our infograph is by no means an all-inclusive list, as the possibilities for fintech are almost literally endless (cybersecurity in the financial sector could probably have its own infographic).

That said, the infograph can help bring you up to speed on what the world’s fintech geeks are buzzing about at your next conference.  

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