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INTERVIEW-How can new crowdfunder GlobalSadaqah improve transparency, impact of Islamic social finance?

How can new crowdfunding platform GlobalSadaqah help improve transparency and the impact of Islamic social finance?

Salaam Gateway spoke to Umar Munshi, the founder and CEO of Ethis Ventures, the company behind GlobalSadaqah.

Ethis is a pioneer in the Islamic crowdfunding sector. Its work is centred in Southeast Asia, in Singapore where the company started in late 2014, as well as in Malaysia and Indonesia.

Umar and Ethis Ventures are behind Ethis Crowd, the world’s first Islamic real estate crowdfunding platform that raises funds for social housing development projects in Indonesia. These projects are backed by the Indonesian government. Ethis Crowd began with retail crowdfunding and moved into the institutional space when it started working with Islamic banks and large investors.

Ethis is also behind Kapital Boost, which crowdfunds financing for small and medium-sized enterprises.

The company’s latest project is a charity-based crowdfunding platform called GlobalSadaqah that is currently in Beta. According to Ethis, the point of GlobalSadaqah is to match high-impact charity campaigns to donors who give either zakat or sadaqah.

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