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Is Indonesia self-sufficient in chicken meat?

Is Indonesia self-sufficient in chicken meat?

Brazil said it may renew its chicken exports to Indonesia as early as 2018 after a World Trade Organization (WTO) panel ruled on October 17 that the Southeast Asian country's restrictions on the South American nation three years ago were unjustified, Reuters reported last week. 

Brazil's annual chicken exports totaled $6.8 billion last year, according to Reuters citing industry group ABPA.

Estimated chicken exports to Indonesia could potentially reach $70 million to $100 million per year over the medium term, added the news report. 


According to data from Indonesia's ministry of agriculture, the nation produces more chicken meat than its residents consume.

However, Indonesia still imports chicken meat. In 2016 it imported around $4.88 million in meat and edible offal of chickens and other poultry including ducks, geese and turkeys, according to ITC Trade Map data based on United Nations Commodity Trade Statistics Database (UN Comtrade). 

The biggest exporter of this category of meat to Indonesia was Malaysia that sold $4.51 million of such meats to its Southeast Asia neighbour in 2016.

ITC Trade Map data does not provide chicken meat data alone.  

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The data source for this chart is Indonesia's ministry of agriculture:

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