Photo: A Nippon Express building in Toronto, Canada, on Oct 23, 2019.

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Japan's Nippon Express starts new halal-certified domestic air cargo service

Japan’s Nippon Express started on March 8 a new halal-certified domestic air cargo transport service.

The company said in a statement on Monday (March 15) it expects an increase in demand for halal products in Japan as the number of foreign visitors and residents from different cultural backgrounds grows.

Its new Express Hi-Speed halal transport includes improved visibility for halal products and halal education for employees.

Nippon Express started its halal services in Japan with halal-certified warehousing services in 2016. It followed with halal-only roll boxes for consolidated transport of small-lot cargo, and halal-only rail containers for large-lot cargo in its warehouse-based transport services.

Outside of Japan, Nippon Express received halal logistics certification in Malaysia in 2014.

In September last year a subsidiary company, PT NEX Logistics Indonesia, received halal certification for one of its logistics centres.

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