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Looking for an Islamic advisor for nikah, divorce counselling or wills? Here’s a new marketplace for Muslim services

There’s a new online platform that wants to help you find a service provider for your Islamic or Muslim needs.

ImamConnect is an online directory of service providers who specialise in services such as nikah, funerals, wills and inheritance. It also carries lists of professionals who can work with Muslims on other matters such as marital or divorce counselling.

The platform officially launched on Wednesday (August 26) with an initial list of over 70 service providers in different countries, including USA, UK, Germany, Malaysia, and Singapore. However, it  stresses a greater focus on Europe and North America.

ImamConnect’s aim is to give Muslims “transparency, accountability, and digital efficiency in the delivery of Muslim life services”, according to a media statement announcing the launch.

Service providers are meant to be background-checked, according to the statement.

Users can pay for services within the platform itself and service providers will receive their payments through their linked bank or PayPal account.

Imam Connect Ltd is a UK-based company that lists Muddassar Ahmed as its director, according to its records with Companies House.

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