PPIM and Crescent Digital partners to develop Yakin mobile app to empower Muslim consumers and entrepreneurs in the digital age

The Muslim Consumer Association of Malaysia (Persatuan Pengguna Islam Malaysia or PPIM) has collaborated with Crescent Digital Sdn Bhd (Crescent Digital) to develop and operate YAKIN, PPIM’s official mobile application. The app was launched by Dato’ Sri Dr. Adham Baba, Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation today.

Derived from the Arabic word یقین‎ which is defined as ‘definite, believable and without any doubt’, the name YAKIN was chosen as a testament of PPIM’s dedication in empowering Muslim consumers and entrepreneurs in the digital era; while also operating as a catalyst and driver for high-value local innovation to contribute to the growth of the Islamic digital economy in Malaysia.

Through the readily downloadable YAKIN app and staying true to its slogan The Muslim Lifestyle Digital App, consumers can use the app as a one stop centre to gain access to a selection of services offered by PPIM from their smartphones such as consumer affairs complaints services, assistance for victims of loan sharks (ah longs or illegal chetis) and donation services; as well as the latest information from PPIM. Staying true to its slogan The Muslim Lifestyle Digital App, YAKIN aims to help Muslim customers to adopt more Muslim elements in their daily lives with ease. Among the features or characteristics presented in the Ibadah Module of the YAKIN app include prayer (solat) times, qibla direction, tasbih – a compendium of important zikir and many more. Another interesting feature for consumers of the YAKIN app is that they have the option to choose the call to prayer (adzan) recited by one of the country’s well-known artists, Black Hanifah when they select the solat notification that is exclusively available on the app. The app is powered by Crescent Digital without any cost.

In his speech, Dato’ Sri Dr Adham Baba congratulated PPIM and Crescent Digital on the launch of the YAKIN app. He explained, “I very much welcome this innovative approach towards a more digital lifestyle spearheaded by PPIM and Crescent Digital. With a large number of social media followers among the Muslim community in Malaysia which amounts to more than 1.5 million people across 5 social media platforms, this initiative by PPIM is truly appropriate. With this in mind, I believe the YAKIN app has the potential to become the main and most comprehensive Muslim lifestyle app not only in Malaysia but also in this region.

According to PPIM’s President and Chief Activist, Datuk Nadzim Johan, “This application is not only targeted to consumers but it was also developed with the mission to help businesses that are looking to promote their products or services specifically and efficiently to Muslim and non-Muslim consumers. It should also be emphasized that all the donation campaigns on the YAKIN app have been checked and verified by us. On behalf of PPIM, we believe that this application will be beneficial to all Malaysians in accordance with PPIM’s mission to meet the obligation of fardhu kifayah in protecting the interests of Muslim consumers and Islamic businesses through the engagement of proactive and strategic actions.”

PPIM's collaboration with Crescent Digital to provide digital transformation services that are specifically focused on the Islamic digital economy is very much needed. Crescent Digital's Chief Executive Officer, Nina Alyssa, explained, “We are very proud to work with PPIM on this initiative. Apart from the features already mentioned, we are also planning to introduce various other features in the YAKIN application including an Islamic business directory, scammers directory, insights or surveys, e-Marketplace and many more in the next phase. I believe this collaboration is a step in the right direction towards building a great ecosystem of innovation to develop local products as well as for it to become a catalyst for the expansion of the Islamic digital economy not only in Malaysia but also in the Southeast Asian region. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank our partners in this initiative; Mastercard, Jakel, Syed Food, Mobiliti One and Sayajual.io. ”.

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