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Southeast Asia's first dedicated HR Tech accelerator opens for business

SINGAPORE, 7 July 2020 – Leading players in the HR and VC Investment ecosystem have come together to create a niche accelerator programme focused on HR Tech Startups. 

The Workplace Accelerator believes that HR Tech can be a force for good across the region and play a significant impact in reducing societal problems around diversity and inclusion, mental wellness and workplace productivity. 

Prior to Covid-19, 70% of companies across Southeast Asia were looking to spend more on HR Tech according to industry sources and now demand is only set to rise given the acceleration of remote working and greater need for digital tools in the workplace. 

The virtual 12-week programme, now accepting applications, offers extensive support through hands on expert advisors who will work directly with the participants throughout the programme on each core area of their business. 

The programme also provides access to a network of 50+ Senior HR leaders acting as mentors from top companies within sectors such as tech, banking, insurance, lighting, consulting and many others that can be seen here and who will provide the participants with real world feedback and market access. 

The start-ups can also receive a cash investment in their businesses to help them grow and push them towards their Series A investment round. 

Companies that are interested in applying should be at Seed stage and have products that are focused on any of 5 key categories that include Talent Acquisition, Talent Management, Productivity and Collaboration, HR & Admin and Workforce Management. 

With the support of a highly experienced team, the Workplace Accelerator’s Founder &’s CEO, Daniel Callaghan, said “HR Tech in APAC is a $50bn per year vertical and has the power to be a force for good. We want to create regional champions to help create a better and more enjoyable working world for all. With 55% of the population in Southeast Asia now a millennial or younger, they are both expecting and demanding a digital experience at work. The Workplace accelerator has the potential to help the region’s early stage ventures shape how the world’s fastest growing markets work.” 

Other key partners in the HR Tech ecosystem are providing support to the start-ups of the Workplace Accelerator, including: 

  • Malaysia’s Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) 
  • Veremark, the global background screening platform 
  • Unifier Ventures, the pan continental venture fund 
  • Chapman V, an HR Focused investor and innovator 
  • Vantage Capital Partners, a leading investment advisory focused on technology start-ups in Southeast Asia, 
  • HRTechTank, a global HR Tech roadshow organiser 
  • – a leading marketplace and advisory for HR Tech 
  • – a leading marketing tech and data provider for fast growing HR Tech companies 

Given the level of governmental support and funds made available for digitisation of the workplace as well as upskilling and reskilling workers across the region, the Workplace Accelerator is not alone in seeing the need for change. 

The Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) welcomed this initiative by asserting the need for organisations to integrate physical and digital HR solutions to sustain a new remote-working trend and a contactless approach in hiring, upskilling, communicating and managing employee wellbeing. 

“Malaysian start-ups have proven their mettle in developing a myriad of tech solutions and we are confident they will play a pivotal role in enabling businesses to adopt a hybrid model of workforce management. As such, we passionately support accelerator programmes that empowers our start-ups through learning, funding and collaboration opportunities to fulfil the emerging digital demands of the new normal,” said Gopi Ganesalingam, Vice President of MDEC’s Global Growth Acceleration. 

With South East Asia set to become a powerhouse within the global economy over the next decade, the need for greater productivity and advancements in workplace practices and tools will be critical to maintain the momentum. 

For start-ups looking to play a part in that, then the Workplace Accelerator provides a strong launchpad to achieve those goals. Start-ups should apply before July 31st at Workplace Accelerator Application. 

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