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UAE Fatwa Council issues ruling on permissibility of COVID-19 vaccines

The UAE Fatwa Council has issued a ruling allowing COVID-19 vaccines to be used, state news agency WAM reported on Tuesday (Dec 22).

"Coronavirus vaccination is classified under preventive medicines for individuals, as recommended by the Islamic faith, particularly in times of pandemic diseases when the healthy happen to be prone to infections due to the high risk of contracting the disease, therefore posing risk to the entire society," WAM reported quoting the Council.

"The Fatwa Council added that even though the vaccine in question contains non-halal ingredients banned by Islam, it's permissible to use it in implementation of the Islamic rule that permits the use of such products in case there are no alternatives," said WAM.

The state news agency said the Council cites the highly contagious nature of the disease as a justification to use the vaccines due to the dire consequences the pandemic has inflicted in terms of fatal physical and material damage.


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