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UK’s Halal Cosmetics Co to launch range exclusive to Asda in May

Photo: Hartlepool, UK - June 30, 2016: Asda Superstore exterior. Asda is the UK's second largest chain by market share, after Tesco.

UK-based The Halal Cosmetics Company will launch a range of products in May exclusive to Asda, making it the first major UK retailer to launch halal cosmetics, the skincare company’s founder and director Salma Chaudhry told Salaam Gateway.

"Asda were keen to be the first mainstream UK retailer to launch halal cosmetics, understanding that halal is not just about food and drink," said Chaudhry.

According to Chaudhry, The Halal Cosmetics Company range will be carried in 54 Asda stores and will also be available on the retailer’s online home shopping website.

There will also be a limited edition Eid Gift range, which includes cosmetics for both men and women, to be launched in June during the fasting month of Ramadan.

"In October 2016 The Halal Cosmetics Company received an email from the Asda buying team asking if they would be interested in developing an Eid Gift range for 2017, Eid being the biggest and most important day in the annual Islamic calender," Chaudhry told Salaam Gateway.

The Halal Cosmetics Company's products are certified by UK-based Halal Monitoring Committee.

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